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Powertrain Portfolio

Powertrain Portfolio

Powertrain systems and electrified mobility
Bosch is energizing the powertrain

More and more people are demanding individual mobility to reach destinations that are ever farther away as easily, quickly, affordably, and sustainably as possible. At the same time, freight traffic is following the same upward trend. But how is it possible to reconcile this increase in traffic with future emissions targets? For Bosch, one possible answer to this question is a mixture of various energy-efficient powertrain solutions. That is why we are continuing to promote optimized internal-combustion engines alongside electric drive systems and also why we are committed to using renewable synthetic fuels: for safe, sustainable, and inspiring mobility.

Powertrain systems and electrified mobility - Bosch is energizing the powertrain

The powertrain portfolio:
diverse technologies
for diverse requirements

COTS (Commercial off the shelf) components

COTS (Commercial off the shelf) components

COTS (Commercial off the shelf) components are a proven concept of automotive based products which are certified by our customers by aviation authorities worldwide, e.g. EASA, FAA, CAAC, TCCA,….

These COTS products for aviation use will
... be clearly distinguished from automotive parts with separate part number concept.
... come with a concept for information sharing including traceability and change management according automotive standards.
... be limited in sales only via BGAT/BATC and not available via aftermarket dealers.
... usually get the aviation approval together with the system or aircraft they are integrated in.
... not be tested according aviation standards e.g. DO160. This we have kept in the responsibility of the customer because the requirements will strongly differentiate based on the intended application.

Peripheral Components

Peripheral Components

Independent from the powertrain, peripheral components can be applied in every system such as Thermal Management components (water pumps), sensors (liquid, temperature, air mass, ...), valves and many mores.

Optimized thermal management systems for both combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles make their contribution to efficient, economic, and comfortable mobility.

The term "thermal management" refers to energetically optimizing the thermal balance in a system. By controlling the temperature of all combustion engine components based on the operating point, fuel consumption and thus emissions can be reduced.

In electric vehicles, thermal management can further extend the vehicle's range. Bosch is dedicated to optimizing the energy management in the entire engine and developing solutions for highly efficient air conditioning to meet all comfort demands.

High-Efficiency Powertrain Solutions for deisel- & gasoline combustion engines

High-Efficiency Powertrain Solutions for diesel- & gasoline combustion engines

Mobility requirements around the world are growing, accompanied by a demand for low fuel consumption and emissions. For this reason, diesel and gasoline injection continues to be technologies with great potential.

With COTS (Commercial off the shelf) products we are happy to industrialise Bosch Automotive products for the aviation industry such as
• common rail systems,
• fuel injectors,
• spark plugs,
• fuel pumps,
• engine sensors (camshaft-, crankshaft-, rotation-, temperature- and pressure sensors)
• many more…

High-Efficiency Powertrain Solutions for hybrid combustion engines

High-Efficiency Powertrain Solutions for hybrid combustion engines

In a hybrid, both the electric motor and the combustion engine can lead drive power into the powertrain, either together or separately. That way, combustion-powered, hybrid and purely electric propulsion are all possible. Fuel consumption and local CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced. The full torque of the electric motor is available immediately, which guarantees enjoyment from the first second.

Zero-Emission Powertrain Solutions for battery-electric engines

Zero-Emission Powertrain Solutions for battery-electric engines

Battery-electric technologies are getting more and more popular. They operate with little noise, offer high torque from a standing start and help to improve air quality thanks to their zero local emissions.

The eAxle is a compact, cost-effective solution for electric drive systems. The electric motor, power electronics, and transmission are combined to form a compact unit, which reduces the previous complexity of the electric drive.

Zero-Emission Powertrain Solution for fuel-cell-electricsystems and H2 combustion engines

Zero-Emission Powertrain Solution for fuel-cell-electric systems and H2 combustion engines

With the fuel cell-electric drive, we can provide an attractive and economical solution for a new type of mobility with zero local emissions. In vehicles with fuel-cell electric drives, hydrogen is the energy source used by the fuel cell to generate electricity.

We are currently highly motivated to expand our H2 combustions components portfolio as well.

We provide fuel-cell-electric COTS (Commercial off the shelf) products such as:
Electric air compressors transports the air into the cathode.
Anode recirculation blower actively promotes hydrogen recirculation, thereby extending the operational range of the fuel-cell system.
Hydrogen gas injectors controlls the supply of hydrogen and provides the required quantity of hydrogen in the anode.
Sensor systems and valves based on Bosch volume-production technologies and especially adapted for fuel-cell operation ensure that the system runs smoothly at all times.

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