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Bosch Aviation Technology

Bosch Aviation Technology

Automotive meets Aviation

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Automotive Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions are an Enabler for a Sustainable Aviation.

Christian Grim
General Manager of Bosch General Aviation Technology GmbH
Automotive meets Aviation

Automotive meets Aviation

Zero emission mobility as a common goal across the industries - whether on the road, in the air or in space - motivates us to develop advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions for the future. We believe that it is key to utilize synergies across these industries to speed up and to enable the technological transition.

Since 15 years Bosch Aviation Technology successfully transfers proven automotive technology in the aviation industry.

As EN9100 certified aviation supplier we guarantee highest automotive product quality standards for the aviation industry. We have proven experience in small-, high- and large volume production as well as in new production technologies such as 3D-Build-to-Print.

Our passion is to serve worldwide certified B2B customers with our products and services for every propulsion and sensing solution.

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