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Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Product Authentication

Bosch Origify

Bosch Origify Solution

The aeronautical sector can benefit from innovative anti-counterfeit technologies and effective track & trace systems to combat counterfeiting and other fraud in OEM manufacturing and the replacement parts market. Due to complex and global supply chains, as well as unregulated networks of many dealers and repair shops, it is easier for counterfeiters to bring in illegal products.

A hidden security feature could help to better protect aerospace parts. Unfortunately, analyzing current invisible security features like taggants and markers can involve time-consuming laboratory tests that can even alter the product during the testing process.

Bosch presents you Origify, an innovative anti-counterfeit alternative with an effective tracing system to control frauds in OEM manufacturing and replacement part market.

Bosch Origify

Origify Product Authentication

Bosch Origify Product Authentication is an aggregation of the top features of different methods. It offers to assist manufacturers in effective traceability and consistency in addition to being very secure.

  • Invisible: The technology uses only the natural surface pattern for verification and hence requires no additional marking on the product.
  • Traceable: Bosch Origify also offers a digital management solution, which helps to trace the verification of each product at various levels.
  • Consistent: Changes on the product surfaces can be tracked over time.
  • Highly Secure: The technology is highly secure as the natural surface of the product is too complex to be tampered with, or reverse engineered.
  • Instant: The verification can take place remotely and provides real-time results via a smartphone application.
  • User-Friendly: The technology is guided for easy- use and does not require any training.

Experience a secure, efficient, and traceable authentication solution with Origify.

Automotive Additive Manufacturing Solution
as Enabler for Aviation and Aerospace

Bosch Additive Manufacturing

Build2Print Additive Manufacturing


Bosch Aviation is proud to present the latest of production technology for AVIATION and SPACE applications.
Additive manufacturing of parts and components has been a huge trend in the industry for the last years. Multiple innovative processes for different materials and component sizes enable a new approach to establish sustainable delivery chains and solutions for customer specific demands. Parts with integrated functionality reduce part count and assembly and enable new potential for components with highest performance and durability. The technology is also suited to replace obsolete technologies for continuing part supply for small batch and spare part applications.

With a unique Build2Print business model, Bosch is offering the potential of this technology to its customers by producing parts and components including the necessary quality management. The Bosch additive manufacturing center in Nuremberg plant provides the necessary technology portfolio derived from classic automotive production. With unprecedented know how of serial production and quality processes, the new service targets the latest of technology leaders in the industry who want to scale their production to explore new frontiers for better and sustainable products in the aerospace and space market.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

We believe that additive manufacturing is a gamer changer for production solutions especially for small volumes.

The Build-To-Print Laser powder bed fusion of metal key advantages are:
• Delivers highest quality of metal printed parts
• Freedom of design for lightweight parts
• Keeping classics alive and delivering reliable parts
• Redesigning and customizing real parts

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